Who Will Save Us?

Ken Clarke says the Tories will not reopen negotiations on the EU Treaty if the Irish back it in a new referendum.

Well Kenny baby, I don't suppose that votes really matter now. Not after Mandelson completes his coup.

You might like to have a quick look over at Con Home and the comments therein, they seem to suggest that you should wash your ears out and listen to the screams of the electorate on the subject of Eeuwrope and it's dictatorial minions.

Fuck Europe, Fuck You and Fuck Mandelson, apparently.

Update: Calling England has better and more thoughtful take on this subject here
and a wonderful piece of poetry here.


  1. Totally agree - it won't make cosy reading for Cameron. I just blogged on it as well and found one of the Cons' EU election campaign posters - I wonder how many votes they obtained dishonestly? Lying maggots.

  2. Good post on yours. Love the poem as well.

  3. I've just got home after a day away. Cameron needs to sack the piece of duplicitous shit.


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