Tuesday 13 October 2009

Arithmetic For Recalcitrant MPs

Stop fucking bleating about how unfair it all is. Fair would be your arrest, full cavity body search, DNA swabs and fingerprints taken, charged, remanded in custody and then to stand trial.

Monday 12 October 2009

Smith Apologetic Over Expenses.

Ex Home Sec Says She's Sorry.


At least Mr Brown is paying money back. Jacqui Smith yesterday gave only an apology, and a mealy-mouthed one at that, after the Standards and Privileges Committee castigated her for wrongly designating the room she occupied in her sister's London house as her principal residence.

Miss Smith will not have to reimburse a penny of the £120,000 claimed over a four-year period beyond the several hundred pounds she has already repaid to cover claims for films watched by her husband

The committee's pusillanimous response will do nothing to persuade an already cynical public that MPs recognise and understand why they feel so aggrieved.

Some MPs are even considering legal action to avoid being forced to repay money. But the rules clearly stated that an allowance was payable to reimburse MPs for "costs properly incurred in the performance of their duties" and not, as many seemed to believe, as a tax-free opportunity to enhance their incomes. Until they understand there is a moral dimension to this affair, it will continue to haunt this wretched parliament all the way to the election.

GOT is having a Jacqui Smith Cunting Night at his place

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In The Bansturbator's Den.


Tomorrow, [TODAY]the House of Commons will see the third and final reading of the Health Bill. I believe MPs must support the clause that would ensure that cigarettes being sold in shops must be stored out of sight, though I'm puzzled and concerned as to why so many seem reluctant to back this move.

Ending point-of-sale displays in this way is an excellent idea and necessary. Whether by accident or design, the primary colours used on both the outside of cigarette packets and the shelves they are kept on attract children. It's the same marketing technique that is used with confectionery.

Tobacco companies can't be trusted to make cigarette packets a colour that doesn't work in this way, so they should be put out of sight. This is very important because most smokers get hooked as teenagers – few start at 18 – so if we can stop children being addicted tobacco companies will soon run out of customers.

The government's "de-normalisation" of tobacco is welcome, but it's taking too long. The Health Bill proposes to restrict cigarette-vending machines in pubs. But they should be banned altogether. Even smokers don't like them, because they typically give you only 16 cigarettes instead of a normal packet of 20 and cost £6, about £1 more than in the shops. And many pub landlords think the government's halfway-house proposals are unworkable because bar staff would have to check people's age ID before operating the machine by remote control.

Who the fuck elected you to interefere in other peoples lives?

Nod and a wink to Man Widdecombe

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Thursday 8 October 2009

Same Meat, Different Gravytrain

Gerald Warner:
What we saw was what we got; and what we got was the Heir of Blair. As Daniel Hannan pointed out, only one-third of the audience was composed of Tories – or, at least, nominal Conservatives of the Cameronian stamp.

Saturday 3 October 2009

It Ain't (quite) Over Yet.

Irish voters have strongly endorsed the European Union's Lisbon Treaty - 16 months after their first vote rejecting it plunged EU reforms into deadlock.

About 67% voted "Yes", official results from the latest referendum showed.

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen hailed a "clear and resounding" endorsement.

Meanwhile, back in the real world:

H/T Calling England

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Friday 2 October 2009

Labour Still Not Getting It.

From John Cowan, Labour's Parliamentary candidate in South East Cambridgeshire who posted this on Labourspissed :

One possible solution could be an entitlement card that people would carry and swipe when every time they buy Alcohol or Tobacco and record their usage. Is that too radical? I don't think so. For a long time the Government have controlled motorists with a system of licences where people enjoy the right and freedom to drive - as long as they conform to certain rules.

With the card, people who got into trouble for, say, minor crimes or drunk and disorderly conduct in public would receive a fixed penalty notice and 3 points on their entitlement card with points disappearing over time for in the same way works on driving licences.

More serious offences would result in endorsements on the entitlement card and the cardholder would not be able to purchase alcohol, tobacco or other drugs available for sale through the entitlement card scheme.

The main benefits of the policy would be reduction in the health care and crime costs associated with use of substances hopefully leading for more better functioning society.

John, the electorate have fucking had enough of fuckwits and their cuntitudinous idealism, coupled with their almost pathological need to interfere in anything that has fuck all to do with them, it has become so offensive that Labour is about to disappear forever.


Please read the comments left at Old Holborn's place for further reasons why you should fuck off John.

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