Wednesday 13 July 2011

Details for Bartlett Day. #StonyStandoff

Via Dick Puddlecote, the final details for Saturday.
"We'll be gathering from 11am onwards at the Vaults Bar, High Street, Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, MK11 1AQ. It is the bar to the right of the orange awning in the image below. Click here for a big arrow pointing to its location on the High Street."

Dick has details of Parking (it's free!), Buses (whatever they are) Taxis (how much!?!?) and other interesting stuff, including a list of confirmed speakers.
Not sure if the Bartlett will show up, but I don't really care, so don't know why I mentioned it, really.

Please don't allow this to happen again..
Ashtrays will be provided and hopefully, Bartlett won't have unfettered access to them, so that he can stage another photo op with pilfered dog ends. 

Saturday 9 July 2011

Oi! Stony Stratford. No!

This Bloke:  

Cllr Paul Bartlett - At Tesco's In Kingston?

Wants to emulate, this bloke:

Hitler (as if you couldn't guess) by instituting a ban on smoking in public.
You can listen to Herr Bartlett here, the whiny twat that he is...

Meanwhile, Dick Puddlecote has arranged a bit of a bash in the Evil Councillor's back yard here and here
Lots of telly people are going to be in attendance, plus some rather interesting speakers on the side of the Angels.

Beer is rumoured to be in abundance via payment over the bar and loads of interesting chaps and chapesses will be floating around to make it a thoroughly wonderful event.

Below are some posters that you may, or may not, care to use if you attend or wish to publicise this wonderful event.

Looking forward to meeting up on the 16th :)

But there's no one to check

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