Wednesday 31 March 2010

Before It's Too Late

Fucking grow up and leave the wacky poster piss takes to us.
Start acting like proper politicians and we might start taking you seriously.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

More Than A Third Prefer A Hung Parliament.


Fifty per cent of people regard it as "unthinkable" to elect Mr Brown for another five years, while 44 per cent disagree with this statement. Almost one in four Labour supporters (24 per cent) believe electing Mr Brown for another term would be "unthinkable".
However, 51 per cent say they personally feel no enthusiasm for the Conservative Party, with 42 per cent disagreeing. Remarkably, a quarter (24 per cent) of those people who intend to vote Tory say they have no enthusiasm for the party.
Meanwhile, a strikingly high 38 per cent of people believe the country would be better off with a hung parliament and coalition government, while 53 per cent disagree. One in four Tory supporters would prefer a hung parliament and coalition, as would 36 per cent of Labour and 57 per cent of Liberal Democrat voters.
Although the Tories will be relieved to see their lead increase since last month, they will be alarmed at the apparent lack of enthusiasm for a Cameron government. "The mood is sullen; people have turned against the political class generally," one Tory source said last night. "The anger over MPs' expenses last year had faded a little but has been reignited by the Lobbygate affair." A Labour official admitted: "The public think we are all as bad as each other."
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Sunday 28 March 2010

Thirteen Years Of Broken Pledges.

Despite the fact that in 1997 Tony Blair's manifesto promised to 'raise spending in real terms every year - and spend the money on patients not bureaucracy', the workforce of bureaucrats in the NHS is growing six times as quickly as the number of nurses, according to official figures.

Since Labour came to power, the number of managers has almost doubled, mainly as a result of the need to monitor Whitehall targets on waiting times.

The number of health service managers went up 12 per cent in one year, but the number of nurses increased by less than 2 per cent - and the number of health visitors plummeted.

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Monday 22 March 2010

Troughers Don't Learn

Vomit inducing doesn't come close to describing the Dispatches prog on C4.
You are all vile, pitiful excuses for human beings.
Just fuck off and do one decent thing in your miserable greed ridden lives for once.
Following the scandal surrounding MPs' expenses, Dispatches delves into the mostly unregulated world of political lobbying. The programme reveals how politicians are offering to help companies and lobby the government for salaries of up to £5,000 a day.
Journalist Antony Barnett leads an undercover investigation which examines:
- How senior politicians are seeking to trade on their Westminster connections to earn money from lucrative positions in the private sector.
- Whether the regulations safeguarding the public interest in this regard are both adequate and effective.
They all deny any wrongdoing, but to me, it seems that they admit to lying in the interview for the job, which would appear to be an admission that they attempted to gain a pecuniary advantage by deception. Something for which, ordinary mortals would normally be prosecuted.

In the meantime Click Here to petition the Queen to strip Byers of the Right Hon title.More about this from Guido

I'm off to buy a tanker full of dettol, to try and get the bad taste out of my mouth.
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Saturday 20 March 2010

Gordon's Brave New World.

The Prime Minister has previously hailed the potential for the internet to slash the costs of delivering services by reducing paper forms, face-to-face contact with officials, postage, phone calls and building costs.
He is now set to use a speech on Monday to unveil plans to give every voter a unique identifier allowing them to apply for school places, book GP appointments, claim benefits, get a new passport, pay council tax or register a car.
 If Gordon does allow an election and his party of illiberal shower of shits lose, he may just begin to appreciate how fucking stupid this and his other wet dreams are. It's going to bite you in the arse Gordon, you and the other morons who feed your dreams of dictatorship. It's getting real tough out here and we won't forget who it was that made it so.
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Thursday 18 March 2010

The Big Mean Green Machine Begins To Teeter

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Every now and again there comes along a scientific study that proves beyond reasonable doubt what you instinctively know to be true: wine is good for you, exercise is dangerous, and self-righteous environmentalists are lying, cheating, thieving degenerates.

I'm exaggerating only a little. Do Green Products Make Us Better People?, a paper in the latest edition of the journal Psychological Science, argues that those who wear what the authors call the "halo of green consumerism" are less likely to be kind to others, and more likely to cheat and steal. Faced with various moral choices – whether to stick to the rules in games, for example, or to pay themselves an appropriate wage – the green participants behaved much worse in the experiments than their conventional counterparts. The short answer to the paper's question, then, is: No. Greens are mean.

The authors, two Canadian psychologists, came up with an intriguing explanation for this. "Virtuous acts," they write, "can license subsequent asocial and unethical behaviour." It's the yin-yang theory of psychology, or "compensatory ethics", to give it its proper name. Buy an organic potato, then go home and beat your wife with The Guardian. Hop smugly into a green hybrid car, then use it to run over little old ladies doing their shopping.
  Finally, it looks like the Righteous have been well and truly sussed.

Psychological egoism is the view that humans are always motivated by self-interest, even in what seem to be acts of altruism. It claims that, when people choose to help others, they do so ultimately because of the personal benefits that they themselves expect to obtain, directly or indirectly, from doing so.
All of the Righteous would appear to be suffering from that. Time there was some sort of payback:
We have been kind to these unkind people for far too long. Now that their halo has fallen and they can no longer boast their green credentials as a shorthand for moral superiority, it is time to fight fire with fire. How about a little compensatory ethics of our own? Double the tax on organic food as a deterrent; it is clearly a starter drug to a lifetime of amorality. Stop and search anyone in a Prius. Conduct dawn raids on north London allotments. Otherwise, one can only imagine the sort of dystopia that would ensue if these mean little green men were allowed to run amok.
Doesn't go anywhere near far enough, but it's a step in the right direction. Today the "Greens" Tomorrow the Bansturbators.

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Tuesday 16 March 2010

The Whelanist Tendency.

Eric Pickles, the Tory chairman, published a document claiming that Unite, the union behind the British Airways cabin crew strike, had now established "an unprecedented grip" on Labour.
At a news conference, the Tories sought to present Unite's political director Charlie Whelan – a former spin doctor for Gordon Brown and who is heavily involved in Labour's election campaign – as a particularly sinister figure.

In a speech setting out how dependent the Labour Party is on Unite at the news conference Michael Gove spoke about "Charlie Whelan's New Militant Tendency".

 Gove said:
He's told us he thinks the strike is deplorable. But actions speak louder than words. Has Gordon Brown told Unite he won't accept any more of their money until they call off this action?

Has Gordon told Unite's general secretaries that he won't accept their efforts on his behalf until they've first guaranteed they won't bring down a great British company?

Has Gordon Brown told Charlie Whelan that it's wrong to unleash the forces of hell on families who want to get away this Easter and it's time to get back round the table?

How can Charlie Whelan simultaneously be the political director of a union which is paralysing British Airways at the same time as he's directing the political activities of Britain's prime minister?"

Not only is this Labour government failing to embrace the post-bureaucratic age, they are ushering in the second Mesozoic era, with a succession of dinosaurs trooping through Downing Street," Gove said.

There can be few more powerful forces of conservatism opposed to the flexibility, freedom and choice of the post-bureaucratic age than the Whelanist Tendency now in control of the Labour party.

Labour's re-unionisation has put them in bed with the past at a time when it is crucial that this country wakes up to the future."
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Lord Monckton warns of Climate Change Treaty resurrection in Bonn

Please distribute this widely - copy it as is - or change it as you see 
fit, but please get the word out to as many people as possible.

Your freedom and democracy are in imminent peril 
for a threat that doesn't exist.

Lord Monckton warns us of the impending Bonn Climate conference - another Copenhagen, but this time, probably more devious in its conception.

Video produced on March 13th, 2010.

This is Christopher Monckton.

They're at it again.

The United Nations, having abjectly failed at Copenhagen in December of 2009 to impose upon the world a totally unnecessary, wickedly expensive, democracy-destroying world government treaty, it has now decided to hold an emergency meeting of states, party to the United Nations Framework Convention in Bonn and there, seven months before the next Cancun round, they're going to try to stitch together a deal to take democracy and freedom and prosperity away, worldwide, forever and, to make themselves very, very rich. And to make you who are watching this video, very, very poor.

Now why is this a bad idea?

First of all, government of the people, by the people, and for the people is a rare and precious thing. Very few countries around the world have it.

The United States in particular, has it, and has it very strongly. And if you carelessly transfer the powers of the government whom you elect to a world government that no-one will elect, and give that government supreme powers of taxation, of economic intervention, of environmental intervention, over the heads of your elected representatives in your country, then you will carelessly have thrown your democracy and your freedom away.

And you will have done so in the name of saving the planet from a threat which does not, in fact, exist.

So what are these representatives going to do?

They're going to meet and discuss how to take your freedom away.

What could you do about it?

You should telephone them. That's the way to do it best. That's what gets noticed.

Telephone your elected representative. If you're in the United States, you telephone your senators; there are two of them for each state.

Telephone them, in Washington. Try to speak to the Senator himself, or to a senior staffer. Do not be fobbed off with a secretary, or an intern, or receptionist, or telephonist.

Get throught to a staffer or to a senator - say there is no need for any climate treaty, and you, in the Senate, must understand that and must not pass any climate treaty.

Get on that telephone.

OK, you may have done it before. You may have done it just before the Copenhagen debacle.

Why did Copenhagen fail?

Because so many millions of you did ring your senators, and several of them got in touch with your President, and your President realised that the treaty draft that would have set up a world government would not pass.

And so, that treaty draft was very quietly dropped for a time; but now they're back. They're trying again. They will try in Bonn. They will try in Cancun. They will try next year in South Africa.

And if they haven't succeeded by then, they will try at Rio in 2012, the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit that started all of this nonsense.

But every step of the way, and on every occasion, you must telephone, telphone your senator and say "this treaty shall not pass".

Do it now, because it's your democracy.

Use it or lose it.
You have until the 9th of April to call your democratic representatives - Senators, MPs and MEPs (although we know Nigel Farage will be on top of it!). Don't wait! Do it now!

Bonn UNFCCC timetable
Cancun UNFCCC date and the calendar of further meetings

Hat tip: Freedom-2-Choose  and CFACT

Reuters' coverage (Hat tip: Banned)

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Sunday 14 March 2010

They Will Only Learn The Hard Way.

Peers who have claimed hundreds of thousands of pounds for homes they rarely visit will escape prosecution through a House of Lords loophole.

Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, denounced the change, which was made last month. It allows peers to designate as their main home a property they visit no more than once a month — a ruling Mr Starmer said caused him “very real difficulty”.
Starmer said:
You could not have a looser definition. It would be nigh on impossible to find a neighbour who could act as a witness and who could say that a peer had not once stayed at a house — short of mounting 24-hour surveillance.

The Crown Prosecution Service announced yesterday that it could not bring criminal charges against Baroness Uddin, a Labour peer who received more than £100,000 in allowances by claiming that her main residence was outside London. Her family home is in Wapping, East London, where she has lived for more than a decade.

Last week, Labour Peer and donor Lord Paul  revealed that there would be no prosecution in his case either.
And if that wasn't bad enough, now we get this:

THE HOUSE of Lords has used parliamentary privilege to hide the details of a ruling that caused the collapse of criminal inquiries into the expenses claims of two Labour peers.
Officials blocked the release of a secret memo outlining the reasons for the changes in expenses rules that made it impossible to prosecute Baroness Uddin and Lord Paul.

There is now a Facebook group calling for the filthy lucre to be returned here  Gotty has this from Udder's wikipedia entry and the Tax Payers Alliance are considering a private prosecution in conjuction with Sir Paul Judge founder of  Jury Team.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Chris Bryant. Smug Twat.

 Chris Bryant in a speech to Progress:
There's a great irony about the politics of Europe in the UK.

Europe is one of the most important determinants in our national destiny. More than half our trade is with EU countries. Without the EU we can achieve little on climate change, on international crime or on energy security. Within the EU we can ensure our major foreign policy objectives on Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Middle East Peace Process and Russia can flourish.

Yet the moment you enter a debate on Europe you feel as if you are donning an anorak. In fact not an anorak - something far less cool - a cagoule. It's a world where exorbitant language is the order of the day and any old myth will do. Ranged in opposition are the eurosceptics, red, white and blue in tooth and claw, obsessives to a man (and interestingly they are all men), all togged up for the occasion.

You don't get out much do you? Condescending Fucktard.

Friday 5 March 2010

Playing Catch Up

EU: Soviet-style Show Trials for Smokers

Germany's popular Das Bild newspaper is reporting that a new 31 page report from the European Union (EU) contains recommendations for draconian anti-smoking measures including "sensationalist prosecutions designed to shock the public."

If this report is true, it means that smokers in Europe will soon be subjected to Soviet-style show trials where justice will take a backseat to propagandizing and scapegoating.

It isn't known at present what is actually written in the 31 page EU document referenced in Das Bild. However, "Velvet Glove, Iron Fist" author Christopher Snowdon found this document  dated November 30, 2009. Item 43 on page 9 reads:

"....many jurisdictions recommend the use of high-profile prosecutions to enhance deterrence. By identifying prominent violators who have actively defied the law or who are well known in the community, by taking firm and swift action and by seeking maximum public awareness of these activities, authorities are able to demonstrate their resolve and the seriousness of the law."

It appears that the EU has allowed a misguided public health initiative to devolve into an unequivocal, anti-smoking witch hunt. To "recommend the use of high-profile prosecutions"  for  people "well known in the community" amounts to nothing less than targeting particular people for prosecution--not only before they've broken any law, but perhaps even before a law exists to be broken.

The use of such language within the EU is more than frightening tough talk for the sake of  compliance with a public health measure. It's reminiscent of tactics used by the world's most dangerous regimes, and displays a blatant disregard for the most important historical lessons of the twentieth century.

On May 6 2009, the House of Lords debated and approved a Bill that made it a crime to display tobacco products on open view in British shops (thus creating 'the dark market').

One aspect of the debate was the cost to shop-keepers of re-fitting their premises to comply with the law. In December 2008, the government estimated that it would cost the average shop £1,000 to do so. With a vote pending in the House of Lords, it was in the interest of the anti-smoking lobby to convince peers that the cost would be considerably less than that.

This is the story of how they went about it, made possible by the Freedom of Information Act, under which dozens of previously unseen Department of Health e-mails have been made public.


Gillian Merron MP is in denial mode and doesn't want to be re-elected.
 Please feel free, if you live in her constituancy,  to make sure her wish is granted.

Nick Hogan has become the first person in Britain—and one of the first in the world—to be imprisoned for taking a stand against the smoking ban. He has been given a six month prison sentence for non-payment of a £10,000 fine. His crime was allowing people to smoke on his own property.

There is still time to donate toward Nick's release by clicking the link Donate with paypal

This lot are hell bent on proving that a turkey really will vote for the oven 
at a critical time in their political career.
They probably will not be offering support to Nick Hogan or those who object the smoking ban on principal.
 They don't seem to believe that your vote is needed.

Tips of the hat to each and everyone of the bloggers that provided source material and helped towards major depression amongst the political luvvies who can't see where their careers are headed.
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But there's no one to check

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