Monday 31 August 2009

The Power of Three.

Coffee House
Tony Blair, the former PM addressed the Catholic Church’s ‘Communion and Liberation Conference’ in Rimini – a great honour for a layman.
According to the Guardian, Blair's words had such power the audience was rendered speechless
He said that the “aggressive secularism and materialism found in parts of the West” should not be allowed to “gain traction” in the rest of the world.

Give us back Our Money and Our Country, then Fuck the Fuck off you Triple A Shits.
Mendacious, Machiavellian, Mercenary Arsewipes.

Sunday 30 August 2009

Ainsworth Accused of Cover Up.

Bob Ainsworth, the defence secretary, has been accused of a cover-up over the death of the first British soldier to be killed in action in the Nato operation in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, by smearing his commanding officer.

Tony Philippson, whose son James died in June 2006 after being sent into battle without basic equipment, including night-vision goggles, accused Ainsworth of trying to deflect blame from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) by criticising Major Jonny Bristow, his son’s commander.

A panel of three senior army officers is expected to exonerate Bristow, clearing him of making tactical errors. Their report is due to be published later this year.

At the inquest into Philippson’s death, Andrew Walker, then the assistant coroner for Oxfordshire, said: “They [the soldiers] were defeated not by the terrorists but by the lack of basic equipment.

The MoD admitted that an “administrative error” had led to a 25-day delay in getting equipment to the front line.

However, in an interview just hours after the inquest, Ainsworth, then the armed forces minister, attempted to shift the blame onto Bristow. He said while there had been a shortage of equipment, a military board of inquiry had also found there were a “lack of standard procedures and tactical errors too”.

Saturday 29 August 2009

Thursday 27 August 2009

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Lockerbie Response "Cowardly and Pathetic"

Nobody likes you Gordon.

Pathetic response will do little to soothe the mounting tension between the United States and Great Britain over the Lockerbie issue

"This is not leadership but moral cowardice on the part of an increasingly spineless PM who is afraid of offending an odious but oil-rich tyrant with a long history of backing terrorism against Britain and America, as well as brutalizing his own people."

Fuck off before you really drop this Nation in the shit.
Never your fault is it? It always happened without your knowledge. You never, ever, under any circumstances, take responsibility, do you?
You fucking horrible little man. Blame the Scots, the Yanks, anybody but yourself.

Sunday 23 August 2009

More Questions For Mandy on Libya Deals.

The Sunday Telegraph:

The Business Secretary denied that the Government had done a deal to free Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, who was convicted of the 1988 terrorist atrocity that claimed 270 lives. However, his claims were contradicted by Saif Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan leader, in a conversation with Megrahi as the pair flew home from Glasgow.

In a transcript obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Gaddafi tells Megrahi: “You were on the table in all commercial, oil and gas agreements that we supervised in that period. You were on the table in all British interests when it came to Libya, and I personally supervised this matter. Also, during the visits of the previous prime minister, Tony Blair.”

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Labour Sinks To New Level Of Stupidity

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the British Army, is facing a “squalid and cowardly” campaign to smear him, according to Liam Fox, the Conservative shadow defence secretary.

"The Daily Telegraph reported last month that some Labour MPs are preparing moves to tarnish the general’s reputation once he leaves office. One minister said at the time that Sir Richard would be “fair game” in retirement.

Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, responded to that report by issuing a formal warning to all ministers in his department not to brief against Sir Richard, who is planning to write a book about defence when he leaves office.

Despite Mr Ainsworth’s warning, Labour moves against the general are said to be continuing."

Better get control of your ministers Bob. They'll be doing the same to you next, and what a shame that will be, you useless fucking dickhead.

New blog from Fido the Dogster dedicated to Bob Aintworthit launched today.

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Ham is Now Child Abuse.

Parents are being urged not to put the sandwiches in their children's lunch boxes - because of the cancer risk.

Ham, bacon and other types of processed meat raise the risk of bowel cancer over a lifetime, according to a cancer charity.

Giving sandwich fillers such as ham and salami to children means they get into habits that increase their risk of developing cancer later in life, it claims.

Monday 17 August 2009

Kerry McCarthy is New Tsarette for Twattering n Stuff.

The MP for Bristol East, who was recently voted most 'influential' MP on Twitter with 1,879 followers, has been named as new media campaign spokesperson.

She believes the election next year will be the "first new media election" and MPs must embrace the internet if they are to connect with their constituents.

In an interview with LabourList website, she said: "Voters will increasingly be searching the web to find out what we think about the issues, what we've actually been doing in the locality and looking to see what we sound like.

"That's where YouTube comes in. All our candidates need to start building up that online collateral from now."

You've made an excellent start with the video above Kerry. You could be the New Dolly Draper if you keep this level of brilliance up! I'm looking forward to more of the same from your compadres.

Saturday 15 August 2009

We have no waiting lists now in the NHS.

Mascara Boy Loves NHS Too.

Lib Dem health spokesman Norman Lamb said: “Three days after the Health Secretary claimed there were no more waiting lists in the NHS, ­Government figures have shown that a quarter of a million people are stuck waiting longer than 18 weeks for ­treatment.

Writing on an internet social networking site, Mr Burnham wrote: “Over the moon about strong support for NHS – an institution I will defend to my dying day, 2nd only to Everton FC.”

The flippant remark, part of a Government-backed internet campaign on the Twitter website to trumpet the NHS’s achievements, provoked anger yesterday.

Tough Decision Bob.

Thursday 13 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth Insults Electorate.

Bob Ainsworth: 'defeatists' at home are letting down British troops.

Shooting yourself and your party in the feet again Bob?
Never your fault is it Bob?
Fuck off Bob. NOW.
It's YOU and Labour that we fucking despise, not our troops, who are the finest in the World.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Words Are Never Enough.

The Welfare State.

Pot Calls Kettle Black

Warwickshire Police have pledged to continue trying to stop an annual event organised by the Hells Angels, despite it passing off peacefully.

Organisers said more than 23,000 people attended the Bulldog Bash, which the force tried to stop - citing possible violence between rival biker gangs.

Chief Constable Keith Bristow said the police operation had succeeded in protecting those who attended.

That's Okay Keef, Big Yerself Up.

But Bulldog Bash organisers said they had run the event safely for 23 years.

Police tried to have the event's licence revoked, citing concerns about "heightened" tension between the Hells Angels and a rival gang, the Outlaws.

They feared tension following the murder of Hells Angel Gerry Tobin after the event in 2007 and a riot at Birmingham Airport last year.

Oooh! At it again Keef. Keep it up mate, see how big a tit you can make yourself look.
However, a district council committee dismissed the application and the event at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, went ahead at the weekend.

But Mr Bristow said the force would continue to explore all legal opportunities, both criminal and civil, to stop the annual event.

He said: "While the policing operation did result in a number of arrests, I am relieved that no one was killed or seriously injured this year as a direct result of having attended this event."

Oh Noes! Shock Horror, nobody was killed, or maimed, or anything, as direct result of your superb handling of this well organised event.

Police said there were 11 arrests at the event and nine lock knives were surrendered.

Mr Bristow was highly critical of the Hells Angels and said the group should "open its books" and show where money raised at the event ended up.

He said: "If its funds are used purely for the lawful benefit of its members and for charity and social good, why don't the Hells Angels open their accounts to scrutiny and reassure us of their intentions?"

Well Keef, you seem to belong to ACPO, so lets hear about their activities, shall we? No? You gone all quiet? We want to be reassured of their intentions and those of Common Purpose. After all, if you have nothing to hide, you'll have nothing to fear, will you?

But a Bulldog Bash spokesman said the accounts were all above board and in the public domain.

"It's ridiculous. The accounts have always been available for inspection because they are lodged with Companies House," he said.

Shame on you Keef, impugning the good name of honest, law abiding organisations. Still ACPO and some of its members don't always follow the letter of the law themselves, do they? (social workers call that learned behaviour btw)

He added organisers ran a "well-regulated show" for the public which this year had raised £10,000 for Help for Heroes, the event's nominated charity which supports soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Friday 7 August 2009

T W On The Blues.

The philosophy is simple. Once upon a time a group of people discovered that a burden shared is a burden divided between a lot of hearts. They also discovered the desire and the need to communicate their views and feelings about oppression and prejudice without being discovered and further oppressed. They also sought a way to celebrate themselves and life that could give full expression to their joy at being alive. Instead of calling it African Folk Music or "The Browns", they were wise enough to realize that every living soul could understand and respond to the Blues. Mostly because I cannot think I know anyone whose life has been so happy as to never have known sadness and even despair. So they called this new musical language the Blues. It is simple enough that anyone can learn the forms and complex enough for those forms to be one of the most comprehensive emotional languages ever to emerge from within the human heart. It is words for those who cannot speak and a song for those without ears. It is a lamp for those who cannot see. It is NOT a refuge for poseurs and damned fools and it is growing and has been growing since its inception.

I am only a man. Little or nothing at my best but the music is special. It is not a gift but rather a loan. Like all major loans it takes a big payment. My payment schedule says that I will every minute of my life until I am dead for the privilege of being able to communicate with people.

When Can I Change My Clothes? T W Henderson.

Tobias Wood Henderson August 26th 1945 - August 5th 2009

Wednesday 5 August 2009

It isn't the moustache's fault Bob

I think Horrid Harriet, must have had you in mind, Bob, when she implied that men couldn't be trusted with fucking up the Country to a high enough standard.

Piss up and brewery failure Number One:
The MoD's new compensation scheme has come under further attack after it was revealed that less than ten per cent of all injured personnel received a guaranteed income payment in addition to their injury compensation award from the MoD.

Followed closely by an ongoing likelihood of drought:
Secrecy sounding the armour on new vehicles destined for British troops in Afghanistan is preventing them from being flown into the conflict zone.

The cladding on the Ridgbacks has been classified as so secret that only British transport aircraft are allowed to ferry them to the troops in Helmand province, defence sources said today.

There's more Bob, but that should keep you busy whining about how unfair life is for a while.

Monday 3 August 2009

Pound Goes Positive.

Something for positive post day!

Sterling rose by 3½ cents against the dollar to $1.6928 after new survey data showed that manufacturing industry is growing again for the first time in more than a year. The Purchasing Manager's Index (PMI) for the sector, produced by Markit, rose from an upwardly-revised 47.4 points to 50.8 points in July. It is the first time it has surpassed the 50-level, which separates expansion from contraction, since March 2008.

The increase, which was far beyond what economists had anticipated, pushed sterling higher, along with gilt yields, since the PMI has often been a reliable signal for official measures of economic growth.

Sunday 2 August 2009

Tomorrow Is Positive News Day!

Brought to you courtesy of Calling England
Could be just what the doctor ordered to counteract the weather and Gord's Government of all the Twats.

Image by the ubiquitous Grumpy Old Twat

Saturday 1 August 2009

The Dynasty Proceeds.

I'm such a victim, people attack me over my accent, my moustache... and because I'm no intellectual, moans Defence Secretary.

Well, if you weren't up the job Bob, you should have told Cyclops that you weren't prepared to accept it, shouldn't you, you fucking prat. At least that would have made you an honourable fuckwit. Just stop playing the victim you shit, it makes you look even more stupid and gutless than we would have believed possible.

But there's no one to check

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