The Turkeys Just Voted For Christmas.

A motion to dissolve Parliament and pave the way for an immediate general election has been rejected by MPs.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson called for an "historic, reforming election" to rebuild trust in politics in the wake of the expenses scandals.

But Welsh Secretary Peter Hain said an early poll would "trigger instability".

The motion was rejected by 340 votes to 268.

Mr Robertson told the Commons that arguments against dissolution were motivated by "pure naked self preservation" on the part of the Labour Party, which performed badly in the local and European elections.


  1. I've lost the will to live

  2. "Soup kitchens areUs" Labour electionslogan?

  3. Shitstains the lot of them. Still focused on the trough in front of them. Fingers in their ears singing lalalala and not listening to the voice of history.

    They're fucked now. Not one of the fucking tossers careers should be allowed to survive the shit storm that this will bring about.

  4. im still offering 47p and 3 luncheon vouchers to anyone willing to make the one eyed fucknut "disappear"...

  5. Why is there no credible opposition to this Stasi Labour Brown Pile. It will all end with blood being spilt on the streets. The state of the country and politics proves there is no democracy only a dictatorship.


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