This Won't Save You Gordon.

The Prime Minister will be interviewed in Downing Street this week by Sally Magnusson, one of the regular presenters of the BBC's popular Songs Of Praise.

When the show – during which Mr Brown will speak about courage and the people who have inspired him – is broadcast next month the chosen hymns will include Be Still My Soul, Fight the Good Fight and Psalm 23, The Lord is My Shepherd.

Subrosa has an excellent piece on this, including "Gordon's Prayer" by Clarinda, in the comments.

UPDATE: Just saw THIS on Pseudepigrapha's blog. Nearly larfed me tits orft.


  1. Cheers for the link Lawson, thanks Burns no me.Your photoshopping's excellent ;¬)

  2. Love that image!

    It would be fitting for the cyclops to be tortured by a million little imps for all eternity.

  3. Thanks Conan, that's still poetry for today eh?
    Only full blown demons for Gordon, Gigits. Imps would never be up to the job.

  4. I'd have thought these days he'd be happier giving an interview to an Imam - but any Hell is still Hell and that is where the bastard belongs! Great pic.


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