Rubbish Leader Consigns Rubbish Party To Dustbin of History.

Labour MPs tell Brown to go now after Hazel Blears joins the quitters

'You can best serve the party by stepping down'

Up to 80 Labour MPs could sign letter of no confidence by tonight!

An e-mail is circulating among Labour MPs encouraging Gordon Brown to step down as Prime Minister.

The e-mail suggests the wording of a letter to the Prime Minister as follows:

Dear Gordon,

Over the last 12 years in government, and before, you have made an enormous contribution to this country and to the Labour Party, and this is widely acknowledged.

However we are writing now because we believe that in the current political situation, you can best serve the Labour Party and the country by stepping down as party leader and prime minister.

And so allowing the party to find a new leader to take us into the next general election.



You still here Gordon? Got any ideas on which Country might offer you asylum? Best book a flight out tonight, because from tomorrow your days are numbered and the borders will be locked tight.


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