Lord Elvis of Paisley. "Voice of The Resistance"

".....If you are aware of what is really going [on] in this country, then I ask you to please join me in creating something bigger than the sum of our parts. I am proposing that right-minded bloggers (like you!) join with me and help create a new multi-user blog to be called 'Voice Of the Resistance'.

Becoming a member of the Voice of the Resistance will not require much from anyone who wishes to freely contribute. It should not detract from your own personal blog, but may actually add to it's value. All we ask is that you post the occasional message on the Voice of the Resistance as well as on your own blog.

What I am proposing in essence is a mutual defence initiative for right-thinking bloggers. If one of us is attacked, then that is an attack on all of us. Divided we are weak, together we are strong."

Go to his place for contact details.


  1. I like the idea. Count me in, although I my blogs are very sweary, if thats ok?

  2. Excellent Lawson, I'm off to join in if they can stand the ever offensive G.O.T.!

  3. Oh dear, just checked.
    No swearing or shock tactics.
    I've known about Common Purpose for a long time.
    Pure evil.

  4. LOL! GOT I know, I've been trying to cut down on my own swearing lately, but Gordon makes it so fucking hard.

    CryBaby, best check with Lord Elvis and see what he thinks. I flagged it up as a very good and worthwhile endeavour, because it can get a bit lonely out here sometimes.

  5. Am I allowed to join? No one seems to like old bill too much anymore.

  6. I don't think that being a policeperson would be a bar. Just that you are right thinking and a blogger should be enough! Ask Elvis and see.

    elvis dot lord at yahoo.co.uk is where you can reach him.

    It is his concept not mine. I'm probably a little too shocking and sweary to be of benefit to the idea.

  7. It's a great idea, I hope to contribute also.

  8. Count me in, great idea! I'm off to join now. I'll have to cut back on the fucking swearing though - what are we going to do without Old Bag's eloquent turn of phrase?

  9. I've sent the Lord and email. I'm thinking of using political poetry and see if anyone can be arsed to read it. :(

  10. Sorry, the reason I came on here is to ask if it was ok to use your images on the UK Opposition facebook group? Please join us if you're on facebook


  11. CryBaby, by all means us the images from here. I tend not to use networking sites myself, they are too often hacked/misused, but I don't mind my images being used there.

    Poetry, that would be cool. I'm sure peeps will read it and may even be inspired to try it themselves. It's a good and valuable means of spreading the word.

  12. Thanks Lawson. I normally do pisstake, funny poems but never combined it with politics, but I've had a go on my blog, take a gander. Hopefully people will like it, if not, I can just stick to swearing. ;)


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