Is That A Promise?

One of Brown's closest aides vowed:

"the prime minister will only be taken out of Downing Street in a box", adding: "If he is ousted, no successor would be able to withstand the demands for an immediate general election, and that will destroy us for a generation."


  1. Let him be taken out in a box then (or body bag), preferably very soon.

  2. agareed, gigits!.though a box is too good for that waste of the food about a bin bag?

  3. "and that will destroy us for a generation."

    That's rich coming from a member of a party that has destroyed this nation for many generations to come.

  4. In light of today's events, I think that was an indication of the new reality. Gordon has no intention of leaving while his great work remains unfinished.
    It now sounds like a plea to release the Labour party from Gordon's Tyrannical plan.


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