Interesting Lamposts Pt 1. West Ham Town Hall.

Gordon is staging a photo op at West Ham Town Hall this afternoon, according to a begging email from Kirsty McNeill:
"..He’s right and he knows that there’s a whole generation of Labour people who will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Would you be free to join him at West Ham Town Hall, between four and six on Sunday?

He’d like to thank you in person and he wants to talk to you about what the role for this generation of Labour is going to be, because it’s time.

You can of course invite others you know, indeed please do. But I will need names for security, so if you could email me back with whether you can make it and who you’d like to bring, I’d appreciate it. I hope it’s going to be the start of something big."

It's an interesting place for lovers of architectural street furniture.
Also the statues on the building itself are of particular note as is the beautiful balcony.

West Ham Town Hall in Stratford Broadway was originally built for the West Ham Local Board of Health. It is surmounted by statues representing Justice, Liberty, Fortitude and other virtues with a square tower set at one corner.

H/T Constantly Furious


  1. a delightful old lampost!..just perfect for stringing up a one-eyed cunt from..


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