Dear Prime Mentalist.

We don't want you to carry on with your insane plans. Seek help now, before you have to be sedated and taken in to protective custody under the mental health laws that you instigated.

No one believes in your madness. Waver, walk away, we couldn't possibly think any less of you. You have achieved something that no unelected PM has ever managed before. The absolute and undying hatred of every single one of the sane members of the electorate and a great many of the not so stable members of your own party.

Don't appear on TV, the Radio or the Interweb with your messages of total and utter bollocks.
The game is up. Ended. Over. No more Fandango. There is nothing left but ignominy and medication. Think of your family and the legacy you handed them. You are reviled, please don't inflict that on your children and their kids.


  1. Hear! Hear!
    Well said Lawson.

  2. That appearance on ITV was absolutely evil.
    He really is fucking insane and has nothing but contempt for us "little people."
    Stalin personified.
    I now know what hatred is.


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