Will You

Moral Legitimacy?
Fucking piss of to Zimbabwe and claim asylum you cunts.


  1. I think they'll have to drag him out kicking & screaming....Lord, I hope not!

  2. The men in white coats will be off to Downing St. at the beginning of next week, Lawson. ;-)

  3. Looks like his supplier has cut off his credit! He's headed for Scotland to find a new dealer! Let's change the locks on Number 10 while he's a way!!!

  4. I bet he's stealing all the cutlery from No 10 since the psycopath wanker clearly thinks it's all his by God given right.

    Fake charities, Fake country known as the EU and now a fake resignation.

  5. All the knives will have been stuck in the Blairites backs by now and he thinks a fork is what him and Mandy do over the desk. He really is a dirty Fakir.


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