We Will Do Our Best To Forget.

Probably the worst and most hated Prime Minister in history. Ever, ever, ever.

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  1. Hey Lawson, your site is looking very cool, you changed it around a bit!

    I find the best way to recover from horribile experiences is to try and forget, and don't think about them! I'm glad the bum is gone, forever!

  2. Hi Bunni! How's the Windy City?

    I don't really think we should forget Brown and his party of evil.

    I reckon we should get a new public holiday to commemorate the day we were freed from the Brown Gorgon! Known hence forth as Freedom From Brown Day!

    What do you reckon?

  3. I agree with bunni and have deleted him from "my pictures", they were fun while mocking him as he clung on to power but I don't want him on my computer any more; he's like a trojan virus!


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