There are none so blind.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Gerald Warner spells out the future for any remaining Conservatives in the party:
Cameron’s move was classically Blairite. Tony Blair made no secret of his disdain, amounting to loathing, for the Labour Party, from whose culture he remained always aloof. That is similarly the case with Dave: he is not comfortable with Tories or Toryism, as this pre-emptive strike demonstrated. The need to cosy up to the Liberal Democrats energised Dave to do what he wanted to do anyway: eliminate grassroots Conservatives and Conservatism from the Conservative Party.

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  1. Cameron has finally proved, and all too quickly, Lawson, that it's time for a split - the real Tories in that party should leave and set up a new party which would garner the votes of all disenfranchised Right-wing Tories of which there are many, the next time round.

    They could call themselves the Conservative Unionists or something like that and absorb the Right-wingers of UKIP, too. That would give Cameron and his Lefty clique plenty to chew on and a not inconsiderable headache accompanied by the squits!

  2. Cameron's liberals have taken over the Conservative Party - once home to one-nation free thinkers and entrepreneurs.

    I wonder if his "heir to Blair" was more akin to Blair's political skill than to his politics. Time will tell.

    I'm happy with a number of issues, namely the scrapping of the surveillance state, but am aghast at his authoritarian attitude to his own party.

    Again, time will tell.


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