Are You Listening Dave and Nick?

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell said he and colleagues planned to use a minor technical change to the treaty to trigger a public vote. 

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  1. Hi LN, wouldn't it have been great to have a proper referendum? With the state of the eurozone at the moment I don't think they'll risk it - they'll probably just add it in a protocol if they can - anything to avoid having to ask the people. I'd love to be wrong but the EU elite don't have a good track record on democracy.

  2. I feel that you may well be right GV.
    Thing is, if they don't call a referendum, then there may be far worse consequences for us all.

  3. Cameron is going to have to be culled by the real Tories, mate, even if it means them all fucking off and forming their own party along with all the other disillusioned and disenfranchised ex-Tories form UKIP, English Democrats, etc.


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