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There are none so blind.

Don't say you weren't warned.
Gerald Warner spells out the future for any remaining Conservatives in the party:
Cameron’s move was classically Blairite. Tony Blair made no secret of his disdain, amounting to loathing, for the Labour Party, from whose culture he remained always aloof. That is similarly the case with Dave: he is not comfortable with Tories or Toryism, as this pre-emptive strike demonstrated. The need to cosy up to the Liberal Democrats energised Dave to do what he wanted to do anyway: eliminate grassroots Conservatives and Conservatism from the Conservative Party.

Are You Listening Dave and Nick?

Eurosceptic MPs will renew calls for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when it comes up for debate again in Parliament in the coming weeks.

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell said he and colleagues planned to use a minor technical change to the treaty to trigger a public vote. 

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We Will Do Our Best To Forget.

Probably the worst and most hated Prime Minister in history. Ever, ever, ever.
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Will Someone Think Of The Country?


Will You

NOW! Moral Legitimacy? Fucking piss of to Zimbabwe and claim asylum you cunts.

Vote Lib Dem Get Wet