Global Hysteria. The True Cost.

Not Evil Just Wrong
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  1. Hurrah, some people who think as me. The science that man causes global warming is an out and out lie, our earth has been warmer in the past and the polar bears did not die off.
    Keep telling the liars that they lie about man causing GW.
    Reduce, recycle and reuse makes sense, but wind farms to creat power...crud. Use coal fired power stations, nuclear as well.
    Keep telling the truth against the liars of GW.

  2. I believe that Gore, since he started this global conspiracy, leaving a huge carbon arseprint wherever he goes, is now worth something in the region of $100 million - nice work if you can get it. Great money-making idea if you had the presidency stolen from you by a Texan twat!

  3. Is it true that Gore is the CEO of the worlds largest carbon offset trading company ? Where are all the trees that they are supposed to have planted ?
    Al Gore, save the planet, kill yourself.

  4. All I know is that Gordon has piled on a lot of taxation under the mantle of "green" taxes. Green taxes my arse, they are going straight into the exchequer to fund the spiral of spending.

  5. Watch out for more of the same from the G20 liar and braggart conference.


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