Brown Out of Favour With Obama.

Brown repeatedly snubbed by Obama as "Special Relationship" all but disappears over Libya dispute.

"British officials made five attempts to secure official talks with the US President and even agreed to a policy change in an attempt to land a joint appearance between the two leaders, said diplomatic sources.

But the White House rebuffed the offers and Mr Brown, who had hoped to increase his popularity by appearing on his own with Mr Obama, had to settle instead for a snatched conversation with the President in a New York kitchen."

You are a fucking embarrassment, you jaw droppingly stupid, desperate for a photo opp, pant pissing, has been.

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  1. He is a joke on both sides of the Atlantic. Grovelling around Obummer like a puppy with distemper. Time he was put to sleep.

  2. The fucking nerve of the twat, lying again about the whole Libyan debacle when the truth has already been admitted by Straw!
    I've noticed recently that when he is blatantly lying, that really weird,(even by his standards), banana-shaped grin appears at the most inappropriate times, just as it did on that bloody awful You Tube video.

  3. Yes, I've noticed that too BS.

    In more polite company I have started referring to him as the 'Grinning Ninny' ;-)


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