Bunni, We Love You.

Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives ((( Official Video - 1991 ))) from MusicVideoCh.3 on Vimeo.

Amusing Bunni has updated her last post to reflect the current state of play with her situation.
Bunni is an inspiration, truly one in a million.

The Roll Call of Bunni Lovers is at Zilla's Place 
The Army of Helpers, Linkers and Lovers is growing daily.
Join up and return the Love, that Bunni has always given so freely, by blogging, donating or even just leaving a comment on her blog.

We Love You Bunni!


  1. Lawson, my darling friend! Thank you so much for this walk down the memory lane. I had not heard this song in ages, and never the video. It is very appropo! What a wonderful tribute.

    Thank you for writing about me, and your kind words! I am inspired from my beautiful friends, and their kindness and sharing their Love.
    God Bless you! I hope you and Tomps have a fun weekend.
    Fondly, Bunni

  2. Bunni is in heaven now. God called her home on Sunday.
    She said she would watch over us when she got to the other side, our own angel of the blogs!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Zilla.
      The world has lost someone special.
      R.I.P Bunni.


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