You'll Go Blind If You Do That.

Fuck me! Just reading that shit will cause blindness you nasty bunch of twatwaffling, bandwagon jumping, nannylickers.
Your website is as equally shit as the artwork on your poisonous flyer. 
You must be fucking blind if  you believe it looks professional.

There! I've fixed the flyer for you.
The website should stay as it is, so that people can see the evidence with their own eyes.


  1. I haven't laughed like that in months. Thank you Dear Sir...

  2. Cheers, Mac. Doing it made me feel better too!

  3. LOL! Beautifully done!

    It takes a true fanatic to be so totally blind to reality that they couldn't see how that original claim, TOTALLY regardless of any merits or lack of merits there may be or that they think there could be, would be ridiculed. I'm just amazed they didn't follow it up with "Smoking will make you grow hair on your palms!"


  4. OMGosh, I think I love you.
    Awesome post, awesome art, awesome mocking of the hand-wringing ninny-staters.


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