Details for Bartlett Day. #StonyStandoff

Via Dick Puddlecote, the final details for Saturday.
"We'll be gathering from 11am onwards at the Vaults Bar, High Street, Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, MK11 1AQ. It is the bar to the right of the orange awning in the image below. Click here for a big arrow pointing to its location on the High Street."

Dick has details of Parking (it's free!), Buses (whatever they are) Taxis (how much!?!?) and other interesting stuff, including a list of confirmed speakers.
Not sure if the Bartlett will show up, but I don't really care, so don't know why I mentioned it, really.

Please don't allow this to happen again..
Ashtrays will be provided and hopefully, Bartlett won't have unfettered access to them, so that he can stage another photo op with pilfered dog ends. 


  1. I read that this was a success! Too bad I'm so far away, would have been fun to heckle this banning bum.

    He probably goes home and smokes all the ciggy ends, the twat.

    PS: Thanks for the great addition to my blog Header, looks even cooler now!


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