Yes, No, or Maybe.

Ed Davey came under fire over Lib Dem policy on Trident in the TV debate yesterday.
William Hague pointed out that Mr Davey had said he would keep a nuclear deterrent.

At the weekend Lib Dem defence spokesman Nick Harvey had refused to back the deterrent. 

Mr Hague said: "There appears to be complete confusion in the Liberal Democrat position on Britain's nuclear deterrent." 

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  1. I have a very strong feeling that Cleggover is going to step in something really nasty and smelly over the next two weeks, Lawson, and I would also predict that he won't come out of it smelling of roses! ;-)

    And by the way.... have you seen this crap?

  2. Nice one BS. That link cracks me. "New Politics." Same as the "Old Politics," but bigger, shinier, more costly and only comes in one colour, red!

    And, even better for lucky us, Gordon will give us a referedum on it. As long as we vote for him of course.


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