Vote Small Think Big

A vote for UKIP is not a wasted vote.
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  1. I'll be voting for UKIP because Dave has denied me our referendum and ignored the plight of smokers saying both are a done deal. I hope he reflects on that when Brown remains in crippled office on the strength of tory votes lost to UKIP.

  2. Glad to see this is getting around, Lawson. I've blogged it, too. Let's hope it goes viral!

    With luck, Labour will bleed votes to the BNP, banned. I placed my X next to UKIP today, via postal vote.

  3. Banned, I'm right there with you on that. No faith or trust left in Dave's bunch of schoolboys.

    Fausty, it's picking up hits and appearing all over the blogoshere. Wonderful that you already voted for Ukip. Brilliant!

  4. I voted for myself Possibly the only time I have truly believed in the person I'm voting for.

    I got a postal vote also. I took a picture of the blank one Will blog it as a record.


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