The Whelanist Tendency.

Eric Pickles, the Tory chairman, published a document claiming that Unite, the union behind the British Airways cabin crew strike, had now established "an unprecedented grip" on Labour.
At a news conference, the Tories sought to present Unite's political director Charlie Whelan – a former spin doctor for Gordon Brown and who is heavily involved in Labour's election campaign – as a particularly sinister figure.

In a speech setting out how dependent the Labour Party is on Unite at the news conference Michael Gove spoke about "Charlie Whelan's New Militant Tendency".

 Gove said:
He's told us he thinks the strike is deplorable. But actions speak louder than words. Has Gordon Brown told Unite he won't accept any more of their money until they call off this action?

Has Gordon told Unite's general secretaries that he won't accept their efforts on his behalf until they've first guaranteed they won't bring down a great British company?

Has Gordon Brown told Charlie Whelan that it's wrong to unleash the forces of hell on families who want to get away this Easter and it's time to get back round the table?

How can Charlie Whelan simultaneously be the political director of a union which is paralysing British Airways at the same time as he's directing the political activities of Britain's prime minister?"

Not only is this Labour government failing to embrace the post-bureaucratic age, they are ushering in the second Mesozoic era, with a succession of dinosaurs trooping through Downing Street," Gove said.

There can be few more powerful forces of conservatism opposed to the flexibility, freedom and choice of the post-bureaucratic age than the Whelanist Tendency now in control of the Labour party.

Labour's re-unionisation has put them in bed with the past at a time when it is crucial that this country wakes up to the future."
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  1. Unite could not have picked a worse moment for Labours dependency upon them to get so much publicity. There are plenty of us still about who remember when Unions ruled the Labour roost, winter of discontent, Maggies victories and wotnot.

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