Troughers Don't Learn

Vomit inducing doesn't come close to describing the Dispatches prog on C4.
You are all vile, pitiful excuses for human beings.
Just fuck off and do one decent thing in your miserable greed ridden lives for once.
Following the scandal surrounding MPs' expenses, Dispatches delves into the mostly unregulated world of political lobbying. The programme reveals how politicians are offering to help companies and lobby the government for salaries of up to £5,000 a day.
Journalist Antony Barnett leads an undercover investigation which examines:
- How senior politicians are seeking to trade on their Westminster connections to earn money from lucrative positions in the private sector.
- Whether the regulations safeguarding the public interest in this regard are both adequate and effective.
They all deny any wrongdoing, but to me, it seems that they admit to lying in the interview for the job, which would appear to be an admission that they attempted to gain a pecuniary advantage by deception. Something for which, ordinary mortals would normally be prosecuted.

In the meantime Click Here to petition the Queen to strip Byers of the Right Hon title.More about this from Guido

I'm off to buy a tanker full of dettol, to try and get the bad taste out of my mouth.
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  1. More votes for all except the liablabcons.

  2. The Neck Tie Party seems to be picking up a lot of those votes lately Banned!


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