Vote Yes and Lose Your Job.

A nod to mtlts for the video


  1. Nigel is to be commended for his ability cope with rude interupters.

  2. Serves the Irish right. They had a historically unique chance to avert the Stalinization of Europe. Just them, the Irish, all on their own. And they fucking blew it. Now the vultures are coming home to roost and I hope they shit much shit from a very great height. Fucking Paddies.

  3. Best of all though, they will now have to put up with 'Our Tone' telling them how lucky they are to have him.

  4. That grinning fucker really annoyed the shit out of me, it must have been sorely tempting for Farage to go over there and give him a damned good twatting!
    Now the Irish see what their "yes" vote has got for them - too late for whingeing now - much too fucking late!


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