Smith Apologetic Over Expenses.

Ex Home Sec Says She's Sorry.


At least Mr Brown is paying money back. Jacqui Smith yesterday gave only an apology, and a mealy-mouthed one at that, after the Standards and Privileges Committee castigated her for wrongly designating the room she occupied in her sister's London house as her principal residence.

Miss Smith will not have to reimburse a penny of the £120,000 claimed over a four-year period beyond the several hundred pounds she has already repaid to cover claims for films watched by her husband

The committee's pusillanimous response will do nothing to persuade an already cynical public that MPs recognise and understand why they feel so aggrieved.

Some MPs are even considering legal action to avoid being forced to repay money. But the rules clearly stated that an allowance was payable to reimburse MPs for "costs properly incurred in the performance of their duties" and not, as many seemed to believe, as a tax-free opportunity to enhance their incomes. Until they understand there is a moral dimension to this affair, it will continue to haunt this wretched parliament all the way to the election.

GOT is having a Jacqui Smith Cunting Night at his place

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  1. Jaquis position is very weak and I predict that Gordon, or rather Mandy, will throw her to the Pikeys to try and curry favour with the elctorate, fool that he is.


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