Same Meat, Different Gravytrain

Gerald Warner:
What we saw was what we got; and what we got was the Heir of Blair. As Daniel Hannan pointed out, only one-third of the audience was composed of Tories – or, at least, nominal Conservatives of the Cameronian stamp.


  1. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth one year from now. Jesus H Christ, we are truly, truly fucked in every orifice.

  2. What Edgar said, Lawson! Mine are all smarting already!!

  3. Just look at the Local Authorities to see what difference a Tory administration would make. Most of them are now Conservative controlled but every day we read yet more stories of powercrazed lunacy coming from them.

  4. The wailing may already have started in Eire. Intel and Aer Lingus have started shedding jobs!

  5. Same shits,just different coloured arse-wipes.


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