Labour Still Not Getting It.

From John Cowan, Labour's Parliamentary candidate in South East Cambridgeshire who posted this on Labourspissed :

One possible solution could be an entitlement card that people would carry and swipe when every time they buy Alcohol or Tobacco and record their usage. Is that too radical? I don't think so. For a long time the Government have controlled motorists with a system of licences where people enjoy the right and freedom to drive - as long as they conform to certain rules.

With the card, people who got into trouble for, say, minor crimes or drunk and disorderly conduct in public would receive a fixed penalty notice and 3 points on their entitlement card with points disappearing over time for in the same way works on driving licences.

More serious offences would result in endorsements on the entitlement card and the cardholder would not be able to purchase alcohol, tobacco or other drugs available for sale through the entitlement card scheme.

The main benefits of the policy would be reduction in the health care and crime costs associated with use of substances hopefully leading for more better functioning society.

John, the electorate have fucking had enough of fuckwits and their cuntitudinous idealism, coupled with their almost pathological need to interfere in anything that has fuck all to do with them, it has become so offensive that Labour is about to disappear forever.


Please read the comments left at Old Holborn's place for further reasons why you should fuck off John.

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  1. Sadly I sort of predicted this just a couple of months ago

    Pubs of the near future

    Perhaps I should take it down before they get any more silly ideas.

  2. So,is this for real?Do they want to monitor what we BUY? This can't be true,but I know it probably is.Free society my arse.We are being enslaved.Our thought processes,shopping habits,where we drive,what we say and to whom are being monitored in this'interests' of finance,public safety and health.I've NEVER used plastic to buy ANYTHING.What will they do next?Ban CASH because they can't monitor what we buy? There is NOTHING free anymore.This country has become an authoritarian dictatorship by the backdoor.


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