It Ain't (quite) Over Yet.

Irish voters have strongly endorsed the European Union's Lisbon Treaty - 16 months after their first vote rejecting it plunged EU reforms into deadlock.

About 67% voted "Yes", official results from the latest referendum showed.

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen hailed a "clear and resounding" endorsement.

Meanwhile, back in the real world:

H/T Calling England

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  1. Cameron now getting a kicking for sitting on the fence. Lets see if conference can push him into a decision.

  2. I had to record the Marr/Cameron interview so am just going through it now - at first glance Marr seems to be pushing for answers (which is good). Thanks for the link Lawson - I've nicked your lovely graphic for my sidebar!

  3. I despair! I can see it taking an armed rebellion to get out of the EU.


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