Arithmetic For Recalcitrant MPs

Stop fucking bleating about how unfair it all is. Fair would be your arrest, full cavity body search, DNA swabs and fingerprints taken, charged, remanded in custody and then to stand trial.


  1. All day long on the radio yesterday these cunts were blathering and moaning about " unfair " but at least Gordon is taking some flak for letting Mr Leggs inquiry get " out of hand ". Out of hand bollox, getting to the nitty gritty ( oops ! ) more like.
    To quote Saint bob Geldoff.

    " Give us the fucking money ( back ) "

  2. They're just showing their utter contempt with the people they are SUPPOSED TO serve.They don't give a things for sure tho..the government-run BBC will never cancel Gardeners World.

  3. I recomend a place in the shade and don't over water it, prune back hard during the winter and feed it lots of Harman shit in the spring.

  4. WW, EU Directives for riot and civil unrest require that all material used in the progress of the riot conform to certain criteria.Hemp is environmentally friendly, it passes the risk assessment for hazard to operatives and is re-useable. It therefore is full compliance with EU law. Piano wire on the other hand could take someones eye out! Please think of the cheeeldren at all times.

  5. No posts for a while. Are you ok, mate?

  6. Internet connection has become very intermittent and veeeery sloooow.
    Takes forever to upload anything and viewing blogs is almost impossible. Hopefully be fixed later this week.


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