Words Are Never Enough.

The Welfare State.


  1. This explains exactly why we need an intelligent Social Services system employing staff with the capability to use their minds, well-formed intuition and common sense rather than the ill-conceived, box-ticking, target driven, ideological, dogma-obsessed, inhuman, robotic morons like Sharon Shoesmith and her fucking charts and graphs looking after at-risk-children's wellbeing. The return of the death penalty would also be a stark reminder for these thugs that they actually DO have the option to kill and be killed....or NOT! Entirely up to them....it's called freedom of choice which is more than Baby Peter ever had.

  2. Spider has a good point - I'm actually beginning to question my opposition to capital punishment. If DNA evidence is as good as it's supposed to be then the risk of executing the wrong person must be nil these days.

  3. Excellent image Lawson and an equally excellent comment Barking.

    Couldn't have put it better myself, so will be cross posting ;-)

  4. Well said, Spider. Using the death penalty is always a problem when there isn't 100% certainty but in this case there would be no doubt that the correct cunts were kicking on the end of the rope.

    Their defence lawyers must have had to scrub themselves clean with a wire brush every night to get rid of the stench of evil, and for lawyers that's saying a lot.

  5. ...oh, and cross-posted on ASE. Excellent work.

  6. Great image and a superlative comment from Spidey. Well said, that man!


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