Welcome To Birmingham.

Islasocialist Fascists Against Fascism demonstrating their true belief.


  1. I'm lost with all that's gone on in Birmingham. Just don't have a clue who's who.

  2. I don't think that those involved really have a clue either SR. They just seem to enjoy fighting and behaving like idiots.

  3. "They just seem to enjoy fighting and behaving like idiots."

    Just another Saturday night on the streets of the UK then, If you believe the newspapers.

  4. That's a great poster LN (which I've pinched). According to the West Mids Police there was no involvement from the BNP, the UAF are a bunch of government-sponsored thugs. It seems like someone's out to deliberately provoke trouble (and I don't mean the English/Welsh Defence League/Casuals).

  5. There is one theory that if rioting becomes widespread leading up to polling day, the Government are able, by law, to postpone the General Election on the grounds of civil unrest.

    Perhaps this Government funded bunch of Muslims have just started to set the ball rolling?

    Just a thought ;-)

  6. I agree GOT. The twats that are lashing out in the pics however, don't seem to realise that they are merely being used as cannon fodder.


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