The Power of Three.

Coffee House
Tony Blair, the former PM addressed the Catholic Church’s ‘Communion and Liberation Conference’ in Rimini – a great honour for a layman.
According to the Guardian, Blair's words had such power the audience was rendered speechless
He said that the “aggressive secularism and materialism found in parts of the West” should not be allowed to “gain traction” in the rest of the world.

Give us back Our Money and Our Country, then Fuck the Fuck off you Triple A Shits.
Mendacious, Machiavellian, Mercenary Arsewipes.


  1. A liberal helping of pots and kettles from Blair, the biggest troughing materialist ever to set foot in No10. I'm sure he "believed" it while he was saying it, though, as usual, the deluded twat!


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