Lockerbie Response "Cowardly and Pathetic"

Nobody likes you Gordon.

Pathetic response will do little to soothe the mounting tension between the United States and Great Britain over the Lockerbie issue

"This is not leadership but moral cowardice on the part of an increasingly spineless PM who is afraid of offending an odious but oil-rich tyrant with a long history of backing terrorism against Britain and America, as well as brutalizing his own people."

Fuck off before you really drop this Nation in the shit.
Never your fault is it? It always happened without your knowledge. You never, ever, under any circumstances, take responsibility, do you?
You fucking horrible little man. Blame the Scots, the Yanks, anybody but yourself.


  1. Lawson, there is probably a huge gulf betwen us politically...But... I thought Kenny had balls of steel.

    As did Malcolm Chisholm.
    What was missing, of course was the utterly contemptable Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    Nae wonder the English are starting to hate the Scots.
    The Yanks are too, but we can handle that:¬)

  2. The man, (and I use the term loosely), is an utter disgrace - he HAD to give the go-ahead - not to release Megrahi from prison necessarily, although he must have been involved, but to sanction Megrahl's release and departure from the UK which is entirely down to Westminster.

  3. "Fuck off before you really drop this Nation in the shit."

    Before!! Don't you ever go out?


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