Labour Sinks To New Level Of Stupidity

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the British Army, is facing a “squalid and cowardly” campaign to smear him, according to Liam Fox, the Conservative shadow defence secretary.

"The Daily Telegraph reported last month that some Labour MPs are preparing moves to tarnish the general’s reputation once he leaves office. One minister said at the time that Sir Richard would be “fair game” in retirement.

Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, responded to that report by issuing a formal warning to all ministers in his department not to brief against Sir Richard, who is planning to write a book about defence when he leaves office.

Despite Mr Ainsworth’s warning, Labour moves against the general are said to be continuing."

Better get control of your ministers Bob. They'll be doing the same to you next, and what a shame that will be, you useless fucking dickhead.

New blog from Fido the Dogster dedicated to Bob Aintworthit launched today.


  1. Love that poster, so popped it up on Ainsworths tribute site. I love his expression, if ever there was a bloke was looked like an underpant sniffer its him.

  2. "underpant sniffer"
    Nice one LoL!

    Great image Lawson, unlike the one that Bob 'the knob' portrays.
    And you're right about 'them' going after him at some point, just as soon as they can find some other Labour 'greasy pole climbing' baffoon to replace him with. When he's gone, to cover Gordon's equally piss poor performance, he will obviously become the scapegoat for everything they can throw at him.

    Serves him right for accepting a post he wasn't fit for in the first place!

  3. Cheers all. I liked the underpants gag so much I did another pic and put it up at GOT's place;-)


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