Kerry McCarthy is New Tsarette for Twattering n Stuff.

The MP for Bristol East, who was recently voted most 'influential' MP on Twitter with 1,879 followers, has been named as new media campaign spokesperson.

She believes the election next year will be the "first new media election" and MPs must embrace the internet if they are to connect with their constituents.

In an interview with LabourList website, she said: "Voters will increasingly be searching the web to find out what we think about the issues, what we've actually been doing in the locality and looking to see what we sound like.

"That's where YouTube comes in. All our candidates need to start building up that online collateral from now."

You've made an excellent start with the video above Kerry. You could be the New Dolly Draper if you keep this level of brilliance up! I'm looking forward to more of the same from your compadres.


  1. Kerry McCarthy an absolute idiot!

    When she first started blogging, she was mauled to the point of official Internet laughing stock, by Holborn and Co. - Indeed so much so, that the odious Paul Flynn M.P., had to step in like a modern day Stalin, and show her the New Labour way of dealing in democracy - I.E. censoring comments that disagree with the viewpoint espoused - as of course Flynn himself, is a master of that.

    She calls her blog "Shot by both sides" - (after a song by some third rate punk band, Magazine) but didn't have a clue how to put an excerpt of the song onto her blog, for viewers to listen to on arrival.

    And now shes the elected Tsar of Twitter - courtesy of the unelected one. - And now You Tube? - Don't make me laugh....

    What depths of talent New Labour so obviously possess.

  2. They look like snaps taken by Matron on the annual community care day-release outing.

  3. Poor Kerry, she'd be out of her depth in a puddle, let alone as the commissar for dispensing ideology.


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