Ham is Now Child Abuse.

Parents are being urged not to put the sandwiches in their children's lunch boxes - because of the cancer risk.

Ham, bacon and other types of processed meat raise the risk of bowel cancer over a lifetime, according to a cancer charity.

Giving sandwich fillers such as ham and salami to children means they get into habits that increase their risk of developing cancer later in life, it claims.


  1. Sounds like they are telling porkies to me.Cant smoke,cant drink, cant eat fish(mercury)eggs(salmonela)red meat(fatty deposits)dairy(cholestorol)salad(insecticides)
    water(fluoride)fruit(acid tooth erosion)chicken(salmonela)chocolate(fattening)
    bread(yeast infection)im of to eat some vegetables between two slices of cardboard.

  2. A major clearout of these obsessively interfering nutters has been needed for ages - looks as though we are going to have to wait a few more months,yet, but out they will go and then, perhaps, life can start getting back to normal, i.e., no more government quangos, councils, social workers, committees, jumped-up little jobsworths or any other unwanted fucking Whitehall or Westminster robots meddling in our personal lives ever again.


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