Bob Ainsworth Insults Electorate.

Bob Ainsworth: 'defeatists' at home are letting down British troops.

Shooting yourself and your party in the feet again Bob?
Never your fault is it Bob?
Fuck off Bob. NOW.
It's YOU and Labour that we fucking despise, not our troops, who are the finest in the World.


  1. That is very well said indeed. Love the pic too!

  2. I just commented over at Cato's place about Ainsworth, thought I'd repeat it here, as I love the idea:

    Remember the film "The Hill" (Sean Connery, Harry Andrews, Ian Bannen)?

    I would like to make Bob Ainsworth run "The Hill" until he croaked.

    Probably take about 3 minutes.

  3. Minister of State For Defense. What a fucking disgrace. Would an Old Etonian be better. Yes.

  4. Well said Lawson.

    Who the fuck does that wig wearing wanker think he is. How dare he try and lay the blame at our door. Unbelievable.
    Well no, totally beleivable.

  5. wig-wearing wanker - love it. Agree with the comments - he's trying to shift the blame on to us - the British public - nothing to do with procurement and financing, the bastard.

  6. GOT, GV, It's the New Labour way. They are all at it now. Fucking bastards the lot of them. Time to dissolve parliament.... in a vat of acid.

  7. 'Wig wearing wanker' is playing the same game as Liam Donaldson who accused us of being panicky hypochondriacs for demanding Tamiflu after he'd spent months telling us how awful pig flu would be.
    The defeatists infest the BBC and other Labour supporting arms of the State.

  8. Agree wholeheartedly with Gigits about Ainsworth running "The Hill" - and make sure he does it with his gas mask on, the twat!


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