Swine Flu Advice.

The little piggy pic, in the above, came in an email and I don't know who to thank for it but whoever you are it made I larf!


  1. Important Swine Flu Information " Stay at home, don't bother the Dr and you probably won't die".

  2. Swine Flu?

    I have enough trouble with Wine Flu (as described over at Dick's Place) but I'm banking on this being a preventive measure for avoiding the Swine variety ;-)

  3. Same as GOT, must be some dodgy wine doing the rounds!

  4. F**kin' 'ells bells....they're not still rattling on about that shit are they? Had it, been there, read the record, heard the book. Mind you...it wasn't very nice but as banned says "don't bother the Dr" i didn't, and managed to pull through it with a packet of lockets and two out of date sachets of Sainsburys' hot lemon drink super strength flu powder. What a load of wank.


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