Off To Save The World Again Gord?

Is It a Whale? Is It a Hippo? No It's Stuporman!

Be honest Gordon, it's not a good look mate.
Dave isn't going to fall for it and Mandy is pissing himself laughing behind your back.
Best ask nurse to up the meds a bit eh?


  1. He's a fat fuck. Is that a big red nappy he's got on?

  2. I can just picture him bashing from wall to wall in a padded cell.

  3. The underpants go on the inside, Gordon, you twat!

  4. Click the resign button to the right!

  5. The only thing thats Super about that unelected, fat twat of a blamange brain is abso-fucking-lutely fuck all.

    As it goes.

    Great piss take pic though ;-)


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