Mr Zero Percent, Now With Added G.O.T.

Gordon has been GOT at again.


  1. Cheers Lawson.
    Gordon is the gift that just keeps on giving!

    Btw, those Daily Motion boys seem to be just the job. Recommended by Fido and now G.O.T. - Not like those freedom fucking tossers at LubeTube!

  2. Oooh! doesn't he just though?

    Agree on the DM. I might have another go at videos myself soon. Nolube pisses me off with its size limits and other pointless and totally arbitary decisions.

  3. Don't know if you've noticed but Daily Motion seems to have gone down - and all the blogs that posted this video can't show it anymore. Do DM usually have probs like this?

  4. Thanks for that GV.
    I've mailed GOT, expect an explosion sometime soon!

  5. Only just picked up the email but all seems to be ok now.
    Fucking good job. I had already thought of 3 new logos for DM between reading the email and waiting for their site to load!!

    Phew, that was a close one, for them I mean!!

  6. Lol, I thought of a couple as well!

    Btw, Tesco are headhunting. I just had a recruitment agency mail me, it went in the spambin almost instantly. Maybe I should mail them a link to your blog?


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