Hot In The Nether Regions?

Then You need one of these!!!

  • Zero percent effective 100% of the time!
  • Fits in your back pocket.
  • Automatically fails to operate.
  • Will not interfere with smearing or innuendo.
  • Tested and submitted to committee.
  • Now subject to a major inquiry (in private.)
  • As useless as anything NuLabour has ever produced.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hang on, I'll get my NuLabour accountant to work out a price for you. Errrr..... he says factoring in the recession and his gran's inside leg measurement x 20 billion - the national debt + what Gordon won't tell the Tories, that will be 55 billion gbp (gordon brown pounds.) Or tuppence 3 farthings for cash.

  3. Not at all GV. What you said was true and, in the gallows sense, was humorous.

  4. Sold, I'll have two. Put it on 'expenses'.

  5. Some bloke called Ed just called and ordered my entire stock! I forgot to tell him they were previously banned in the rest of the Euwww, because they are filled with petrol. Do you think I should just keep quiet and hope he gives some to his mate Grod or Gawd or whatever the twats name was?

  6. Yeah, keep quiet Lawson it might just do the trick and we'll be rid of the useless twat for good. He'll probably look something like that 'on fire' pic over at my place. NIce!!

    Great work mate, '0% effective', funny as fuck!


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