Germany v Brussels

There are no flies on the Barking Spider who posted this at The Voice of The Resistance

"Sixty-five years ago, heroic Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg made his claim to go down as a glorious name in German history when he led the failed 1944 assassination plot against Hitler.
Today, his third son, Count Franz Ludwig von Stauffenberg, is leading the German resistance against the Lisbon Treaty — and in the past week won a vital victory.
He secured a sensational ruling from the German constitutional court that the powers of the Berlin parliament must be significantly strengthened before Germany signs on the dotted line of the document which will create a centralised EU superpower.
This landmark decision has massive implications not just for Germany, but also for Britain.
This is because there will now be a long delay in the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty which could well string out the process until after the British general election.
This has fascinating ramifications.
David Cameron has bravely pledged a European referendum if the Treaty has not been ratified and he becomes Prime Minister.
It now looks possible that his first major drama as Tory PM would be to lead the ‘No’ camp in a referendum on the Treaty.
Of course, this might embarrass Cameron because the Tories risk a major split, with pro-Europe Ken Clarke taking up an opposing position.
But my guess is that Cameron will win a ‘No’ vote and achieve a massive victory in the war against euro-federalism."


  1. David Cameron is lying about his wish to hold a referendum which is a shame since he would certainly 'win'.
    He is more interested in his long term prospects in the Euro Troughocracy.

  2. I agree. I bet Davy is kacking his silk boxers at the thought of actually having to keep his word and carry out something he doesn't really want to do.

    Unless he does a Gordon of course?

  3. Fabulous decision by The German Court. DC will be every bit as pleased as 80% of we Tory real workers and supporters. I have better understanding and knowledge of that than your earlier uninformed posters. Still, free speech and all that! Twats.

  4. Isn't free speech wonderful, Oldrightie.
    Twat yourself.

  5. Well, Dave now has the perfect opportunity to put his money where his mouth is. EUSSR or not.

    Brown could have done, what the Germans have, to protect our sovereignty, only he hasn't got the bottle or the desire to confront Brussels.


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