Apologies for My Absence!

I am now the proud owner of two of the above.
They were installed by the finest team of surgeons in the UK early last Friday.
They also stuck a balloon in for a bit of a laugh, although they took it back before I could pop it!
Anyway, it would appear that all systems are now go, and I no longer have an excuse for the lack of new pics on the blog.

Gordon is still a monocular cunt, GOT is the funniest bastard on the net, The Eye is bouncing back to health and Mr T Stats is an inspiration to us all. (I don't get paid for this you know.)

On the right you will find a bunch of links to various ne'er do wells that are capable of side splitting posts as well as incisive observations on the sad state of the UK. Click on them and be amazed at just how deep the shit is in this once proud nation.

Helicopter production Stats will now follow.


  1. Welcome back Lawson.Um...where did they stick Gordon?

  2. Glad you're back safe and sound, plus of course your extra machinery. :)

  3. Cheers Conan. I know where someone was threatening to stick Gordon! The hospital, where I received the finest of treatment, is also the point of repatriation for our troops who have died in service recently. The disgust was palpable on Monday and Tuesday.

  4. You got your stents before me? What am I doing wrong? Time for another Belgium trip, methinks.

    Welcome back chap. :-)

  5. Welcome back, I have wondered whay a Stent is, now I know, ta.

  6. Good to see you back here, my friend!

    Fuck me I hope I don't have to have any of that inflatable chicken wire shit malarkee! Looks like a right old carry on. Best I get down to Twatco's and get me some of that Low 'Klesstroll' Margie shit to spread on my muffins (oo err) in future ;-)

  7. banned, I'm off down the courts tomorrow, to see if these things trip the metal detectors!

    Dick, I didn't know I needed any until Friday! Talk about bliss and ignorance! Mail me if you want more info or contacts.

  8. Welcome back, Lawson, glad you're okay - that was pretty quick service - best way, no time to think about it!

  9. Glad to see you back in one piece Lawson and, for once, to hear praise for some of the fine medico's that are out there.

    I've gotta ask though, two Stents? Was your hospital doing a 'two for one' promotion?

    Seriously tho, hope you remain in good health.

  10. I got stented last February. Fucking amazing operation. Did they go in through your wrist? The bad news is that it doesn't stop the Angina, although I only had one fitted.

  11. TBY, hehe, sponsored by Tesco of course!

    DL they went in wrist and groin amidst cursing and bleeping for some reason. It wasn't a pre-planned thing, there had been no indication of anything amiss until the MI on Friday.

  12. Welcome home - you've been missed. I hope you get stronger and healthier with every day.

  13. Welcome back, Lawson. Glad you are in fine fettle and look forward to more of your excellent work.

  14. Happy to see you back and hope you are feeling better.

    My father recently had (I think) the middle one after a heart attack; he felt so good afterwards he was able to start smoking again within a month.


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