Margaret Moran's Behaviour Unacceptable According To Brown

Tom Bradby from ITN asks Brown:

what he would say to members of the public who think ordinary people would get punished more severely if they behaved in a comparable way to MPs. Does Brown back Margaret Moran (the Luton MP who claimed around £20,000 for dry rot in a home many miles from her constituency)?

Brown says:

That Moran's behaviour was "totally unacceptable". He says that she should be investigated by the parliamentary commissioner for standards before a decision is taken. (We didn't know that case had gone to the commissioner.) It sounds likes he's just terminated Moran's career.

Another journalist says anyone caught shoplifting who tried to get off by paying back the money would not get away with that. Why could Blears get away with that?

Brown says: 

That Blears's behaviour was "totally unacceptable", but Blears was not breaking any rules. That's the strongest criticism he has made of Blears in public. Sounds like her government career may not last much longer.


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  2. That's cool Dick, feel free to nick whatever you like mate.


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