Margaret Moran, Trougher Extraordinaire.

"The troughing disgrace of an MP switched her second home to a holiday home - yes, a holiday home - 100 miles from her constituency and nowhere near Westminster. Within days she was trousering £22k of your money to pay for a dry rot problem."

"A LABOUR MP switched her second home to a house in Southampton 100 miles from her constituency just days before spending £22,500 on doing it up, it has emerged. 
Backbencher Margaret Moran spent thousands of pounds over four years decorating and refurbishing three separate properties, switching her designated second home between Westminster, Luton and Southampton. 

The Luton South MP, who earns £64,766 a year, apparently spent £22,500 of taxpayers' money treating dry rot at her and her husband's house in the city – 100 miles from her constituency – days after switching her ''second home'' there."


  1. i think im going to be sick...

  2. That will be the pig sickness that these porkers seem to induce in us ignorant peasants.


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