Margaret Moran MP

Telegraph: Second home 'flip' paid £22,500 dry rot bill

Internal records show that the Commons' authorities considered that Labour backbencher Margaret Moran's arrangement broke the "spirit" of the rules but felt powerless to stop her taking advantage of the loose system of Parliamentary allowances

The semi-detached house, a hundred yards from the seafront in Southampton, is a two-hour drive from both Parliament and Miss Moran's marginal constituency of Luton South.

Thanks to GOT for the idea of the morphing.

Does MP mean Miss Piggy?

UPDATE: Video no longer works. I've replaced it with a piccy.

Update 2: Margaret Moran has agreed to pay back the £22,500 she took for the dry rot bill.

After being overwhelmed by complaints from angry constituents, Miss Moran has backed down and agreed to repay all the expenses money she received for the shared property in Southampton. 

In a statement she said: "I have at all times sought to serve my constituents in Luton South with honesty and integrity. I have always tried to act with decency and to do the right thing. 

"The expenses currently in question were claimed in full consultation with the Fees Office in the House of Commons, and I have always followed their guidance and stuck to the rules. 

"However, I do understand constituents' anger at the current fees regime, which is why I will be repaying the full amount claimed for my home in Southampton."


  1. how about Mugging Pigs? pretty good use of the letters MP...

  2. I've designated her house as my second home. Just written to let her know I'll be there at the weekend.

  3. Kill the cunt. She is morally depraved and does not deserve mercy. Set fire to the hoon and watch as Miss Piggy squeals and turns into melted minge. They are all as bad, torch the House of Commons and let them all fry. Thieving cunting bastards the lot of them. Filthy dirty swindling cunts, may they all rot in hell.


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