I Got Tagged.

I got tagged, courtesy of Sue at ihatejacquismith. Eight things that I hate. I don't actually really hate anything or anyone, but some things can make me feel  an anger so extreme, that an exclusion zone has to be put in place around me, in case I explode, and the bile projected dissolves the object of my ire. Here are a few of my [least] favourite things.

I feel like that Gordon. Every time I fucking hear your voice. Its got to the point, that I can't even turn the TV or radio on without feeling fear that I may hear your slurred speech or catch a glimpse of you gurning features. You're an embarrassment to the whole Country. You passed your sell by date before the 1997 election. You're simply the worst.

Jacqboots. Fucking hell a one woman plague. Distaster after disaster and she still has a fucking job! She's still promisesing money to companies for invovment in the ID card debacle. It ain't going to happen you silly cow. You and your party are history and you fucking know it. Stop wasting everyone's time and money and piss off.

Jack Straw. For being so contemptuous of the English and for making sure his little secrets saty hidden from the light of public scrutiny. You keep your "precious" safe while you can Jack.

All good things must end and Gordon is going to make that happen sooner than you think.

The First lady of the Privy Trough and Seal, for her services to misandry and inequality

Plod that makes up law as he goes along. Had a bad day? Well just fucking take it out on a motorist that looks like he might be happy. 

The D.O.H and their advisory groups that pretend to be speaking on behalf of the public.

Just fuck off and stop pretending you care about my health. You don't, you care about your bank balances and your need to meddle where you have no right to go.

Stop telling me I'll get cancer if I look at picture of someone smoking you shits. You're making me ill with your fucking peurile shit.

The fucking twats that complain about humorous ads like the one above. For fucks sake, get a sense of humour you dickheads.

This Pair.

They epitomise the outbreak of "Being Offended" on behalf of others that infests the BBC and Local Authorities.


  1. Good stuff, count me in on sharing your list!

  2. excelent list!..seems everyone has been tagged this week!..i definately agree with the nannying, interferring cunts at DOH telling people that even thinking of a cigerette will kill you..absolute wankers. fuck the fuck off.

  3. I like funny ads. Most of them can be so tedious, it´s nice to get a cheeky one for a change. Great List!


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